Liverpool for Europe goes to the People’s March

The ‘Autumn of Discontent’ will kick off with the People’s March in London on September 9th, and Liverpool for Europe has arranged for the coach to take you there and back. Come with us and rise up to the occasion on Saturday the 9th of September.

Just follow this link to book your seats.

If it is difficult for you to come to Liverpool that morning (departing 5:30am from the World Musuem), we have arranged for a pick-up point in Knutsford about 6:15am. Please email if you would prefer to board the bus at that pick-up point.

There are lots of reasons to make this effort: now is the time to tell everybody that we do not want Brexit to go ahead; it might be our last chance to make this happen and we should be prepared to use it. Every single individual will be needed at every single event to show that we are many and we are determined to do something about Brexit! We have to come out in force at every single opportunity to demonstrate to our politicians in Parliament and our government that we are a force to be reckoned with. Come and demonstrate that you are part of the open and outward looking Britain that values the community of their closest neighbours, prepared to participate in their democratic Union as an equal member among other nations all under one rule of law, an institution that has granted us peace for more than 70 years!

We have this coach to take you to this first big event of this autumn. More information about the march can be found here:

Please share this with your friends, especially with your friends in the Liverpool City Region. Our voices matter.


Click here to book your seats


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